Our translators are all very comfortable with the dynamics of working in a team. The aim of team coordination is to produce a translation that reads and feels as if it were completed by a single translator. That way, the final translation is perfectly consistent in terms of substance, terminology, style and layout.

New additions to our translation team are assimilated through in-house courses tailored to specific projects and subject areas. The very nature of their work requires that the translation team adapt to the specific requirements of individual projects in terms of substance and deadlines and to successfully balance their assignments across subject areas and projects.

We are well-aware of the fact that only an outstanding translator working in an outstanding working environment using first-class translation tools is able to produce outstanding translations.

We employ those translators who fulfill our expectations and demands, as well as having the desire to be a part of our team and working environment. Successful candidates will have the following qualities and skills:

  • a talent and passion for translation,
  • being a team player in the collaborative translation process,
  • having a true desire to becoming a full-time professional translator,
  • having the willingness to continue with their professional development,
  • having an excellent command of the Slovenian language,
  • holding C2 certification for German (GDS) and English (CPE),
  • having university qualifications,
  • having enthusiasm for learning and using various translation and other software tools, and successfully passing internal testing and training requirements.

Our translators are employed full-time, allowing us to maintain a core team that receives ongoing training and to maintain the highest-quality translations. Our offices are located in a quiet setting, in a building with modern infrastructure and equipment, perfectly suited to intellectual work. All workstations have state-of-the-art office and computer equipment, which creates a pleasant and positive atmosphere and drives creativity.